Douba/North America Trip 2010

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General information

I am was planning to make a journey around North America starting in April, 2010. As I have finished my Studienarbeit and will take my two final exams on March 15th and April 9th, it seems to be the right time to make up for the vacations I've missed in the past nine years.

You can always find my currently planned route by following this link.

I will update my actual route every now and then on a separate map when I have internet access, and I will link the map here. There will also be marks on places I've visited and short summaries of what I will have done there. Most important information will still be published here on my website.


May 12th, 2010

Quite some time ago, several incidents lead to the deferment of my travel plans. Because other people are involved, I will not publish the details here, but I will certainly do a trip after finishing my diploma thesis next year.

By now, my friends Ralf and Mandy have arrived in the USA and they are looking forward to having a great time there with lots of cultural education, getting to know people and gathering a plethora of new impressions. I regret not being with them.

So for now, all of my travel plans are postponed. I hope not to have disappointed anyone as much as I was.

February 18th, 2010

planning the trip

I started planning the trip, which was originally planned to be a world trip, on February 16th, 2010. Having only three months' time, I decided to confine my route to North America, where I will buy a car or a bike and travel on the road most of the time. Perhaps, I will do some canoeing later in the year when it gets warmer.

issuing issues

Yesterday, I filed for an international driver's license, which was quite difficult, because they only issue one if you present the new EU-Führerschein in credit card format, which I don't have yet. Of course, I could have filed for this one, too, but the problem is that there is no one-to-one translation of your "Fahrerlaubnis" rights. I learned that there is a difference between Fahrerlaubnis and Führerschein – the Führerschein is only a proof of your admission to drive certain vehicles. So notwithstanding the fact that you have to carry your driver's license when driving, your right to drive the vehicle remains even if they confiscate the document. The ban or suspension is an independent act.
The EU driver's license is a formal change that should not harm anyone's rights. This persistence of rights is called "Besitzstandsschutz". Now the European convention on driver's licenses does not implement the same vehicle classes as the national German one does. Translation is generous, you still have many more admissions than someone whose license was issued after 1998, but there are some cases that are not covered by the standard records on your new card.
Now what they don't tell you is that you have to file for two extraordinary records if you do not want to waive your former admissions. It is absolutlely no problem for them to include these, it is a common case, but still they don't do it if you don't file for it! How should I know?
Luckily, I found something on Wikipedia on the subject, and now I will still be allowed to drive:

Not common, but it might happen. I know, I am stubborn.

—Ingo Schalk-Schupp — alle Rechte vorbehalten